Sunday, June 5, 2011

Collaboration blues

Met up with a friend of mine last week and we got to talking about my writing. He mentioned that he loves historical fiction, and I mentioned to him that I had several ideas for YA historical fiction novels. He perked up, and offered to do the research for it. Together, we came up with an outline and we agreed to split it so that he does the bulk of the research and I do the bulk of the writing.

However, I have not heard a word from him since. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I wonder if he realises just what a big commitment it is to write a novel. I’ll certainly give him more time to think about it either way. The early conclusion I can draw here is that collaboration is not to be undertaken lightly! There's all sorts of compromises and complications that arise. And if it gets published, what then? Who claims ownership?!

Oh and the novel? It’s set during the last days of Nazi resistance in Berlin in WWII. The Red Army is closing in, and we follow a female member of the Hitler youth, fighting on the front lines…

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