Sunday, November 20, 2011

Alternative favourite lines

We all have our favourite lines from books, and of course a fair few of them are forever enshrined in the literary canon. Yet on occasion, lines from certain masterpieces stick in the memory alongside those 'classical' ones.

I have a rather ridiculous example, which probably marks me out as a ridiculous person. But hey ho...

Orwell's 1984 is, of course, full of great lines. The first line and last lines are both killers, and memorable phrases abound in between: Big Brother is watching you, to take one particularly well known example. But a personal favourite line of mine describes Parsons, recently arrested for thought crime and detained in a cell with Winston, using the toilet: Parsons used the toilet loudly and abundantly.

OK so it's puerile, but it made me laugh out loud, as did the lines following it. A moment of true light relief in a serious, important work.

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