Thursday, November 24, 2011

Me and Sophie Kinsella

It was a match made in heaven. A scruffy aspiring 20-something writer, who writes about things like people dealing drugs and kids committing suicide, meeting a well established author who writes phenomenally successful books, aren't quite as grim.

If that's me trying to make my work sound more intriguing than Sophie Kinsella's then what the heck. I can afford to be deluded on my modest blog!

Anyways, we did chat. I couldn't really talk about my writing ambitions as the whole of the SLT (that's Senior Leadership team, or 'the headteacher and the deputies') were nearby, as were lots of girls who obviously want me to be their librarian forever and be appalled if I left to be a bestselling author (again, deluded, not bothered). We mostly talked of authors we both admired: she really digs the classics so there was a lot of waxing lyrical about Mr Dickens. We also both live in Wimbledon, but she lives in the lovely part and I live in the less lovely part, and am probably moving soon anyway. She was delightful, lovely, charming and witty.

But I don't like her books, you see. Not that this will bother her in the slightest: maybe she would be disturbed if I did? But 'twas nice to meet her all the same. Pics from the event (at Surbiton High School) here:

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