Thursday, March 29, 2012

And there she goes...

I've done the deed and sent my first revised version of my novel off to my agent.

Not an easy thing to do, trust me. I acted upon her feedback, taking heed of every single one of her suggestions and implementing all those I agreed with (almost all of them). Net result: a much stronger novel.

But are these things ever finished? I'm already fretting over possible mistakes in there, despite the fact I've given it several passes. Part of me knows I can only take this so far on my own, but the rest of me argues that it's me who's the main man pushing this thing forward...have I pushed it far enough?

Well, at least I can think about my other writing now. Back to this WIP which I sometimes think is better, sometimes think is worse, than novel one. The thing that's most exciting of all is the prospect of getting stuck in to novel three, which I have a complete outline for, and finishing off the bare bones outline I have for novel four. But getting to those seems a long way off right now!

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  1. Excellent news! Good luck with the revised version. I think editing is the best part of the whole publishing process. Oh! I forgot about the royalties cheque. Still miss Surbiton (and the flat by the station).