Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working on new stuff while revising

So I'm in the middle of revisions. My agent got back to me after I sent her my first lot of revisions, and she really liked them, but surprise, surprise she says there are a few more things to work through. She's being a lot more 'hands on' at the moment though, e-mailing me almost every day to iron out those plot kinks. Which is great, we're getting there!

In the middle of all this I've managed to find time to work on my second novel. This has been at the first draft stage for, er, over a year now. But when I write it, it just seems so much...better. Even in this raw form. It's clearly been written by someone who has the confidence of knowing they're capable of finishing writing a novel, and silly mistakes I made the first time round just aren't there any more. It's got more depth, it feels more intriguing, what I really want to be working on instead of fine tuning novel #1.

Of course, this is natural isn't it? It's far more exciting to be doing something fresh and new than to be endlessly working on the same piece over and over again. Maybe this has coloured my perspective somewhat. Perhaps it isn't as good as it feels...though it really, really doesn't feel that way right now.

So how to get over this? Well, if it is better then the agent will love it as well. But keep it waiting in the wings. After all, when the agent lands me a publishing deal (note 'when'), how awesome would it be to say: 'you ain't seen nothing yet'?

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  1. Exciting, isn't it? Getting that first novel out there! Much love and support from the AD camp over here in Japan! (mordwyr and isabelle from litopia)