Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Procrastination Station

I finished writing my second novel yesterday. By which I mean, I finished the first draft (or the first draft and a half if you look at my Draft 1.5 post below). But that still counts as finishing a story doesn't it?

It felt great. Of all my euphoric moments in writing, this was probably not far behind securing a wonderful literary agent. It was probably better than 'finishing' novel one, as when I wrote my debut I didn't consider myself to be a prospective published author. No, a bit of me did, but I didn't have the burden of expectation on my shoulders. You think writing your first novel is hard? It's not compared to the second one, buster. Because you've proven to yourself that you can write a novel, unlike the vast majority of folk out there who try and give up after a few chapters. And the pressure you put on yourself mounts...

So now it's sort of in the can, the hallowed day I can write novel three has arrived. I dreamt up the idea months ago, and finished the outline weeks ago. It looks great. Knocks the spots of novel one and two, in fact. I can't wait to start writing it, I can't...

Yeah right.

My writing train has arrived at Proscrastination station, folks. Surprise surprise. Just got to make sure it's not my final destination!

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