Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cute thing said to me today

"Do you have to pay to borrow books from the library?" (Year 7 student)

Photo courtesy of edenpictures

Aw bless.

Made me wonder if I should introduce that policy and boost my depleted library budget. I could use the excuse that these girls probably have pocket money on a par with my monthly pay packet. See, I'm not a total sucker for a cutey pie face.


  1. Now, why can't I get the image of Oliver Twist out of my mind? :-)

  2. Maybe not the most suitable youth to think of in this particular instance. He wasn't so flush with cash that he'd think nothing of paying for the bus to school every day instead of walking 100 yards down the road.

    Just saying is all...

  3. It's my first September as a school librarian and I was astonished by the number of new Year 7s who said the same thing to me today - some even thought they would have to pay for their library cards!

  4. It makes you wonder what they think libraries are supposed to be, doesn't it?

    Your first September eh? As you'll come to find out, Autumn term is always the longest and most difficult to get through. All plain sailing from there!