Thursday, September 13, 2012

Suggestion Box Selection

Every good school library has a suggestion box. The library is all about what the kids get out of it, right? So their voice is one that should be heard. Even if they do post things like 'JJ has a brain the size of a weasel's wedding tackle' (that's never actually happened, but I live in hope).

Photo courtesy of Tim Erenata

In my school the girls would never post anything rude or, er, anglo saxon. Because it's just that sort of school. Nonetheless, they do put in some classics. Here's a few:

  • "We should have a CD player section with headphones so people can listen to stories. It can be relaxing and wash away the stresses of a school day. You should also maybe get some bored games."
  • "Mrs Andrew (Academic mentor based in the library) to be made Princess of the library!"
  • "Give dyslexics sweets! And chocolates if they spell."
  • "We heart beanbags. Get them for more comfortable reading. We need more posters and comfortable homely things."
  • "We should have like...a reserved there are all the books in the library and then there's an archive where all the old/outdated books go so we don't have to chuck them out for people doing EPQ and stuff. So if I wanted something from this archive a librarian would have to go and get it...but it would mean we don't have to chuck away books."

Ah I love my job. Have any of you had interesting suggestions in your place of work?

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