Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where I've Been

This blog has been dormant for a little while, for the basic reason that life has taken over in a big way. I've still fitted in some reading and writing (even delivered novel two to my agent), but social media has had to take a back seat to the small matter of moving house...

More excitingly I've just come back from Slovenia. I've been here:

And here...
And here as well...
So yeah, been a bit distracted. It was worth every penny of course, and somewhat inevitably I've been bitten by the travel bug and am already thinking of my next jaunt. But lest ye think this will impact my writing, I'll tell you that while out there I came up with two great ideas for novels. So travelling really does inspire after all!
Anyway, back to school in a week or so. Normal blogging service will now resume...


  1. Looks amazing, Foggy. Did you have any adventures while you were there?

  2. Well, nothing more drastic than getting lost in the wilderness from time to time really. I'm sure your travels are considerably more exciting: and congrats on the book deal as well by the way! :-)

  3. Getting lost in the wilderness can be exciting. Especially if there are wolves or velociraptors. We're not exactly travelling at the moment - staying in the Forest of Dean, then Cornwall to visit my parents, then up to Scunthorpe to pick up the camper van and after that, it's snow, sea and sand all the way down the east coast :)

  4. Sounds delightful :-) I've been through Scunny and spent a week in Cornwall, but never been to the Forest of Dean. The only place I've been to on the East Coast is, er, Skegness...

    What you're doing does remind me that we're very lucky to have lots of wonderful things to see in this country, which is something I often forget, living in London as I do. Just the reminder I needed after I went out to purchase a Lonely Planet guide to Turkey in preparation for a proposed three week jaunt to there and Bulgaria next Summer...

  5. Bulgaria is somewhere I've wanted to visit for a while now. It's beautiful and a lot of it seems to have escaped the worst excesses of modernity (so far, anyway).

    When we're in the southeast, maybe you could meet up with us for a day or so. I'm planning on spending 2 weeks in Dungeness and I have a feeling you'd find that place weird and fascinating. Will likely be sometime around Feb/March.

  6. I went there when I was a mere lad of 8, and do remember some of its beauty. Figured it was high time I went again, and doubling it up with Turkey seemed like a good idea...

    Dungeness could be a plan. It's a bit remote, though, and like many London dwellers I don't have a car, so not sure how easy it is to get there. But would be good to meet up when you're in the region, definitely.