Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snooty Chucklechunks

Now, I'm a YA writer, so the sort of stuff I normally write about are the things teenagers are interested in. Someone once suggested I was appealing to the Skins demographic, which is something of a compliment I suppose (as long as Skins was good anyway, which was pretty much the first generation of characters really). So yes, in short, I write about violence, bad language, sex and kids putting drugs in each other's faces (OK, not the last one). Despite being a school librarian.

Hey, dark and edgy is good and it's what they want to read, believe me!

But anyway, sometimes writing hard hitting stuff can be emotionally draining, so I've been toying with something for younger readers. It has the provisional title of 'The Adventures of Snooty Chucklechunks', and the titular Snooty owns a pet chimpanzee who pays all his bills for him, in a nod to the classic Clint Eastwood film Every Which Way But Loose.

That's about as far as I've got. What does Snooty look like? Maybe something like this:

(Image courtesy of Eva Rinaldi)

Well OK not really, that's actually a waxwork model of Alf 'Flamin' Hoon' Stewart from Home and Away. I just felt like putting it on here. No Snooty is most likely going to be a bit younger, and considerably more weird looking. Perhaps a cross between Steve Buscemi and Bungle from Rainbow.

On Twitter, I asked for some help in coming up with some names for friends/adversaries of Snooty. I had in mind Ingrid Dribblethwit, whilst someone suggested Puffy Thimblecheeks. Perhaps you'd like to venture some suitably ridiculous names in the comments below?

I'm working on my usual gritty YA stuff for the most part, but messing around with this has been some fun light relief. A timely reminder not to get too bogged down in one particular project: if you're a writer you should try it, it's good for your health! 

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