Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's fair to say I've given a masterclass in how not to blog this past month, what with letting my blog go fallow for so long. There are good reasons I assure you:

  • Uganda. I'm preparing for it and this has taken up much time and energy. So much paperwork, so many inoculations, so many things to pack (and not just for myself). It's less than two weeks away, and it will be the experience of a lifetime, so that has to be more important than blogging.
  • Work. Yeah, OK, so we all have day jobs and the like. But business has been picking up in work lately to the extent I'm pretty knackered most evenings. It's good though, as getting an assistant librarian in to help me after being a one man band has meant I've been able to take more stuff on and help around the school a lot more. Teachers are starting to realise this, slowly...
  • Writing. Yeah, that's still happening you know! I was close to finishing the first draft of my latest, when I realised I needed to get rid of one of the characters, so have been painstakingly going back through the draft and, lo and behold, picked up on some stuff that needs changing. This is going OK, and I'll hopefully get it done by the time I go to Uganda so that when I get back I'll start the business of second drafting then. Out in Uganda, the plan is to begin work on the next one...although there are at least three competing ideas for what the next one is.
  • My birthday! I turned the ripe old age of 30 recently. Rather than swim with the dolphins, I elected to shred my nerves instead by watching the Lions narrowly pip Australia in the first test. The series is now all square. So another nail biter to 'enjoy' next weekend then...

That's that folks. I'm hoping to review another YA book soon so, lucky you, two blog posts within a week. Then I guess it's one more post on Uganda and this blog will fall silent once more. But thanks to those of you who are still showing an interest: and there are more of you doing that than I expected, according to my stats...

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