About Me

Hello! I'm Joseph (prefer Joe), a 29 year old Welshman living in London. I'm a school librarian at a fantastic all girls' school in Surbiton. Part of me knew I always wanted to be a writer, but I didn't know what type of novel I wanted to write. The alien invasion novel I wrote aged 14 informed me that it wasn't going to be that type of novel, at least.

After 24 years of pootling around in South Wales, I moved oop North to become a qualified librarian. Upon gaining qualification from Sheffield University I ended up working at a comprehensive school near Leeds on maternity cover. Here I discovered the joys of Young Adult fiction, and this, coupled with interacting with teenagers on a daily basis, finally got me to pick up a pen...

Fast forward to now and I've managed to get myself a brilliant literary agent: Ajda Vucicevic at Luigi Bonomi Associates. We are currently submitting to publishers. Hope to report good news regarding that soon!
Aside from reading, writing and convincing teenage girls of the need to read for pleasure and do independent research properly, my interests include:

  • Watching most forms of sport, rugby and football in particular
  • Eating the most ridiculously spicy food I can find (I'm in training to win my rematch with a Phaal)
  • The fine British tradition that is the pub
  • Rock music
  • Travelling
  • The great outdoors

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  1. Hey man! How's things? You still interested in Spiderfingers? Lemme know and hey, feel free to add me on Facebook as JOHN CLAY.